Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18 - Back on Track

Author's Note:

Thank you to all of you who have been hanging on and waiting for an update to the blog.  I apologize for the excessive delay, and will attempt to briefly summarize here what has happened in between the last blog post in April and now.  The intention moving forward, is to complete blog posts on days falling between April and today as time allows, and as notes are available.

Most importantly, Clayton was moved into the K Mod, a module in GCCC specifically designed for inmates requiring protective custody.  This was a major answer to prayer, and opened up many more opportunities for Clayton, and improved his overall quality of life dramatically.  He now has expanded commissary options, opportunity to socialize (including a daily bible study with other inmates) better access to phones, and CONTACT visits with individuals on his approved list.

Meanwhile, Clayton's family and friends have continued to fight the battle for him on the outside.  They have been working with the local press to provide information on Clayton's situation.  They've scheduled a photo event, providing family, friends, and members of the community the opportunity to show support for Clayton in a highly visible way.  Most challenging of all, they have been battling continuing false information about Clayton's case which has shown up in recent court documents, and will be the subject of an entirely separate blog post.

As if this activity would not cause enough of a drain on time available for blogging, Clayton's wife has also been battling difficulties with her internet connection for months now.  Initially, her modem needed to be replaced.  Shortly there after, her internet service provider informed her that the signal from the main exterior line to her house was bad, and needed repair.  Then technicians came out and continued to try and improve the signal by re-wiring most of her house.  THEN, after the signal from the provider was finally repaired... her wireless router fried and had to be replaced.  Upon replacement, the new router worked initially, before a major failure that shut down the internet connection to the ENTIRE house yet again.  Ultimately, she has been informed that there is some kind of malicious software on her primary computer which is sabotaging her internet connection.

But this will not stop the family's efforts!  Despite the continuous battle, Clayton's family succeeded last week in releasing; a website dedicated to releasing information about his innocence and the corruption in his case to the general public.  They also plan to launch a public awareness campaign in the coming weeks, and continue to prepare for Clayton's upcoming sentencing in early July.

Thursday, June 18

Clayton's wife came to visit him tonight, as she is now able to do 6 days per week.  Visitation for the K Mod at GCCC is highly restrictive due to the requirements for keeping K Mod inmates completely separate from general population inmates.  This means visitation only occurs from 9 to 10 pm at night every day except for Saturdays, when no visitation time is available at all.

Clayton is now permitted contact visits with individuals from his approved visitor list.  This means that during visitation his visitors are allowed to briefly embrace him at the beginning and end of the visit.  During this embrace, they must keep their hands visible at all times and keep the contact relatively brief.  In between hugs, they must sit on opposite sides of a table from him, in a large room with many other families at tables.  There are red lines on the table tops with a significant gap in the middle.  This gap is called "No Hands Land" because no other physical contact is permitted during the visit, including holding hands, and neither the inmate or his visitors can cross the red line on their respective side.

Clayton has always been known among family and friends as a frequent source of hugs.  He has expressed to family and friends many, many times since entering K Mod that he would "endure just about anything" for this brief physical contact with his loved ones.

Recovery from Food Poisoning

During the visit, Clayton looked much better than he had in days, and seemed to be back to his normal chipper demeanor.  During his visit the previous Friday, Clayton had become visibly ill.  He later was able to determine, after visiting with facility nursing staff in the morning, that he had come down with a severe case of food poisoning.  This seemed to happen immediately after dinner that night, which had been a common meal the inmates refer to as "Clump;" a meatloaf-like ball of meat.  After speaking with a couple of the other frequent visitors, Clayton's wife was able to determine that several inmates within their Mod came down sick that same night.  However, tonight Clayton finally seemed to be bouncing back.

Bible Study

Clayton mostly kept to himself today.  After meeting with a chaplain the day before, he had been inspired to press through a particularly difficult bible study he has been working on since shortly after his arrival in K Mod.  This bible study was being offered by the chaplain, and is published by the Rock of Ages Discipleship Institute (ROA).  He had already completed, and received certificates for, the courses for: That Ye May Know, Assurance, Baptism, The Bible and Prayer.  Now he is working on one for the book of Matthew, and had become bogged down.  The chaplain, not knowing this is where Clayton was currently stuck, mentioned in his meeting that many people get stuck there and never continue.  Clayton was determined not to fall into that category!  He spent all day yesterday, and most of the day today pushing forward in the hopes to complete Matthew soon.

In addition to the ROA bible study, Clayton had been introduced to another bible study by another inmate while in segregation.  This study is offered through Emmaus Correspondence School.  He has completed more than 4 courses already, and received certificates for each.  His family hopes that these certificates will show officials that Clayton is spending his time productively, and continuing to better himself despite his circumstances.

Staying Positive

Clayton's wife was able to update him during the visit on the progress the family has made in their efforts to show the world his innocence, and the wrongs that have been committed against him.  She told him that initial responses have been very positive, and she has encountered a few new people this week who have taken an interest in the blog.  They spent much of their visit, as they frequently do, joking and teasing and lifting each others spirits as much as possible before eagerly awaiting their short opportunity to visit the next day.


  1. Regardless of the horrific circumstances, Clay is becoming a mighty man of God through his study of God's Word. We all need to use him as an example of God telling us to hide His Word in our hearts, and actually doing it. Thinking about it & doing it are entirely different! Thanks for your blog & your diligence in standing by your husband! You both are blessings to me!

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