Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8 - Book Balance Error Explained

Sunday, March 8

Today Clayton finally received a statement of his account from staff outlining the error that had been made on his books.  Shortly after his arrival at MSPT on February 13, the entire balance of his account (nearly $100) had been subtracted for a "medical co-payment" in error, even though the only interaction Clayton had with medical at MSPT was a mandatory TB test.  The error was not corrected until after Clayton and his family inquired about the balance of his books on March 2.  This was the cause of Clayton's first commissary request being rejected, but there appeared to be no method of getting supplies to Clayton any faster according to staff at the facility.  He would just have to wait 2 more weeks.    

The only other medical interaction Clayton had experienced was his initial medical check-in after arriving at GCCC.  Ironically, he now needed medical for another reason.  He had filed a cop-out form for medical earlier in the day because he was breaking out in itchy bumps, like hives, all over his arms.  He assumed he must be reacting to something used in the laundry by the facility, but had no way to be sure.  

The statement of his account had also arrived with his new commissary form for this week.  He had completed it right away, and already turned it in before his family arrived.  His family also learned from facility staff, that the only people authorized to put more money on Clayton's books were his 10 approved visitors.  It apparently did not matter whether they had managed to actually visit him yet; only that they were one of the approved 10.  This complicated requests of many individuals wanting to help provide for Clayton, but the family assured them that the funds would get deposited through these friends and family if desired.  

Daylight Savings Time

Clayton commented during his visit that he felt completely disoriented about the time.  Lunch had come early today, and been very disappointing.  It consisted of 2 pieces of bread with a blob of peanut butter.  The soup it was partnered with appeared to be chicken soup, but the contents did not taste or feel like real chicken.  When he decided to cut into one of the blobs out of curiosity, he was shocked to find that it was blue inside!  He had stopped eating entirely.

Dinner had also come much earlier than normal, at 3:30 pm, and he now worried about the long night ahead without another meal.  Clayton's family then explained to him that the time changed today due to Daylight Savings Time, and he realized that everything was happening an hour early only because no one had changed the clock in the main room.

“I’m starting to see why people order food and stock it away now,” he explained.

The Fishing Show

Clayton told his family it overall had been a pretty boring day.  He had gotten the opportunity to talk with his new roommate, Jones, a little bit more.  Jones was a little awkward about Clay praying over his meals, but otherwise they were getting along well.

They were both apparently fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series and Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth book series.  Jones was incredulous that Clayton was able to finish more than 2 books in a single day.  During the day they had together managed to get their hands on several new books.  The first came when Clayton requested permission to pick up an abandoned book in the hallway when being moved back to his cell.  Later they were also able to get 2 more abandoned books passed to them by guards.

Other than the books, the only real entertainment that day had been a man spontaneously breaking out in song singing Alicia Keys Girl on Fire, and the opportunity to observe an elaborate group fishing effort by the other inmates.  From his cell, Clayton could see a man standing in the law library, fishing from it while the guards were gone.  Instead of fishing for something from a particular cell, the man was assisting other inmates in making sharp angles with their lines to get into cells they normally could not manage on their own.  For those not participating, it became a free show of sorts.

Clayton was disappointed that he still hadn't gotten the opportunity to visit the law library.  He had submitted a cop-out requesting it, but had never gotten a response back.  Meanwhile, a bunch more of the men in segregation had gotten in trouble for fishing and actually getting caught.  Clayton could tell because all of their linens were taken away, and so there were now a bunch more men standing around in their underwear.

“That’s what you get," Clayton joked.  "They shouldn't be doing that.”

Clayton also mentioned to his wife during the visit that the other inmates seemed to be tiring somewhat from the constant harassment when he would leave his cell to visit with her.  They would comment about him 'going to see his girl,' but otherwise leave him alone.  However, being away from family was becoming difficult.

“My heart’s been sore because I want to be there for people, and I can’t,” he explained, "Even then, I'm really trying to be thankful to these guys [guards] back here. They have a thankless job.”

Clayton ended his visit struggling to stay positive, but looking forward to tomorrow's visit.  

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