Friday, February 13, 2015

Welcome to the blog for Jocelynn's Daddy - Clayton Allison

Clayton is a loving father, steadfast spouse, amazing friend and irreplaceable community member in Alaska.  He was falsely convicted of Murder 2 in Palmer, Alaska, on Friday, February 13, 2015.  Clayton now faces the challenge of being an innocent man in a system not properly designed to deal with the innocent people trapped within its walls and processes.  Instead of giving up hope, or allowing this failure of justice to silence his voice, Clayton Allison plans to author a regular blog post from beyond his confinement.

Clayton is an avid reader, as was very frustrated before facing trial that there was so little information available for individuals to use to know what to prepare for when the justice system fails them.  Therefore, Clayton would like to use this opportunity to share his experiences with the world; illustrating what it is like to truly experience the Alaska prison system.  He also looks forward to using this space to communicate with family, friends, and community members who will not be able to listen to all of his stories and experiences in person.

Clayton's family does not plan to fade quietly into the night, while the rest of the world simply accepts the injustice found here.  We stand steadfast with him throughout the trials yet to come.  We welcome your prayers and support.  Pray for justice, because justice is all an innocent man truly needs.

-- CJ Allison


  1. I'm so glad we can read about clay here when we can't go see him!

  2. CJ & Clay, we stand with you 100%! It's very important for both of you to share what has happened to you...and continues to you. We know Clay is innocent & has been wrongly accused. We continue to pray for you. Love you!

  3. I would like to help in any way that I can- have you heard of the innocence project?
    Abe Coir

  4. Keep strong. Thinking of you all. Any chance of an appeal?
    Christie Stoll

    1. Yes, there is an appeal in the works. However, part of the injustice in our system is that in Alaska currently, criminal appeals take roughly 3 years to reach a decision or longer. That includes nearly a year long delay before public appeals attorneys even review the case before presenting it to the court, and a couple of years before the court has time to come to a decision. At least, that is what we have been advised. Your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.